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Doing it myself

We, as makers, are generally pretty handy when it comes to fixing things. But, as business owners, we are often so pressed for time that subbing out repairs, maintenance and improvements seems like a sensible choice.

I have done this a number of times with mixed results. I have an electrician I call on when I need wiring done. And some machines are so specialized that a trained technician is the only logical choice.

But with many of these tasks, I often end up wishing I had just done the work myself. When you have an outside person do the work, you sometimes have no clue what he did. If something needs an adjustment or simply is not working out, you can end up scratching your head trying to figure out what was done and why.

When I do things myself, at least I know what I did. If I have to undo or redo it later for any reason, I can do it without wearing such a deep groove in my head!


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