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Can you use a laugh?

You might be a woodworker if ...

Your blood tests come back positive for cherry and oak.

Your house doesn't have any furniture in it because you keep saying to your wife, "But honey, I can build a better one than that – AND FOR A LOT LESS MONEY!"

You look at a pile of firewood and think ‘hmmm, if I cut that just right ...’

Your idea of furniture shopping is going to Ikea to reverse engineer that credenza your wife likes.

You ever bought a piece of furniture at a garage sale just so you could take it apart and build another one just like it.

Your idea of potpourri is cheesecloth bags of cedar shavings from the lathe.

There's no room in the garage for the lawnmower.

The first thing you do when entering a room is to try and identify the wood types in the furniture.

You have an extensive tool and machine collection, but no money to buy wood.

You have to read/visit the online woodworking forum before you have your first cup of coffee in the morning.

You crawl around on your hands and knees looking UNDER pieces of furniture.

You sneeze sawdust.

When your wife says, "Are you ready to go to bed," you say, “No, I am going to the shop for a bit.”

You never have to buy wood chips for the grill/smoker.

You buy painter's tape to prevent chip out rather than for painting.

You're still reading this thread!


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