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Over the past couple of years, we have been on an economic roller coaster. The stock markets have been bouncing around like a lopsided super ball, record gains one day, record losses the next.

Employment figures look good but they don’t reveal the fact that many are working at low wage service jobs that don’t really generate much in the way of disposable income. And that’s what we need people to have if they are going to be in a position to buy our products. For most people, finely crafted woodwork is not high on the list of necessities.

And now we have this nonsensical government shutdown, crushing any hope of consumer confidence. Whatever your feelings are regarding our present administration, you have to admit that stability is not one of its hallmarks. And stability is what we need if our customers are going to feel well enough off to invest in what could be considered discretionary purchases.

People need food. They need a roof over their heads. They don’t need a new coffee table. They may want one but if it’s a choice between that and making the house payment, the choice is a no brainer. We need to bring this under control and soon.

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