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Wood-Mizer rolls out log processing line

Wood-Mizer Products, a manufacturer of portable sawmills and industrial-grade stationary sawmills, recently introduced its Small Log Processing line, a new solution for those looking to maximize their small-log sawing capabilities.

The Small Log Processing line, available from Wood-Mizer.

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The SLP line is a series of products that work together to improve industrial efficiency, consisting of a twin vertical saw, single vertical saw, a single- or a multihead horizontal resaw, material handling for loading and transferring, and an EG300 MultiRip edger.

Product manager Doug Keele says the modular aspect of the SLP line can be configured to meet the production and end product needs of the customer.

"The nice thing about this is that woodworkers might have some of the [machinery] already, such as a ripsaw, so we can make this equipment fit in with their current operation. It's modular, which makes it very flexible. And it comes in several different lengths and different configurations, so we can cater it more to what the [customer] needs," says Keele.

The twin vertical saw has two tilting heads and can cut from two sides of a log. The single vertical saw, which also has a tilted head design, splits or removes the third side from a two-sided cant as it comes off the twin vertical saw. The horizontal resaw processes the slabs into boards, while the edger produces up to three standard board sizes. The complete SLP line sells for about $100,000, but $30,000 will get you started.

"In these tough economic times, people are trying to use what they already have on hand. If they just add one of these singular components to their current operation, they can bump up their production," adds Keele.

Contact: Wood-Mizer Products. Tel: 800-533-0182.

This article originally appeared in the September 2010 issue.

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