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Wood-Mizer adds the MB100 SlabMizer

The MB100 SlabMizer from Wood-Mizer.

The MB100 SlabMizer from Wood-Mizer.

Wood-Mizer has added the MB100 SlabMizer, a slab flattening mill that can process material up to 36” wide and 8” thick.

“Wide, live-edge wood slabs continue to be high-value, popular items for mantles, counters, tables, and more. The new MB100 SlabMizer gives woodworkers a simple, efficient, and consistent way to flatten up to 36” wide slabs to either increase the value of rough sawn slabs from a sawmill or for making a unique project that will last for generations,” Russell Fite, Wood-Mizer’s North America sales director tells Woodshop News.

The mill features a 3-hp, electric, 5” diameter cutting head, equipped with five four-sided carbide knives. The cutting head moves side-to-side, manually. Depth of cut is adjusted with a hand crank.

The MB100 requires at least one LT15WIDE bed section (model LT15BSW) to operate or it can be added to the Wood-Mizer LT15WIDE portable sawmill bed to optimize processing space. With one LT15WIDE bed section, slab flattening length is 4’ 7”. For longer capacity, unlimited 6’ 8” modular bed sections can be added to extend the material length, according to the company.

The MB100 SlabMizer starts at $9,995, which includes two adjustable clamps to secure material on the bed and four bed spacers.

Wood-Mizer also offers the MB200 SlabMizer, capable of processing material up to 56” or 72” wide.

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This article was originally published in the August 2022 issue.

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