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Williams & Hussey listens to its customers

Williams & Hussey introduced its new molder, model 209, at the AWFS fair in July. The 209 is lighter and more compact than the company's other molders, and operates on single-phase power. The 209 performs the same applications as the Williams & Hussey models 154 and 206, such as producing straight, radius and elliptical molding.

The Williams & Hussey model 209 molder

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"This machine complements the other two models," says company president Steve Carter. "For 55 years, we've been manufacturing these molders in New Hampshire and selling them to the small professional. We've focused in on designing machines for safety, durability, simplicity and versatility. We strive to keep quality and customer service first and foremost."

Carter says model 209 was developed as a result of customer feedback. A segment of the company's customer base indicated they wanted a molder that was rugged, compact and versatile with the ability to plug in anywhere; not merely into a 220-volt outlet. However, they still wanted to be able to make aggressive cuts in hardwoods and get the same results.

The 209 features a new industrial power-feed motor with more efficiency, less weight and less cantilevered length, and a new lighter-weight industrial knife motor, according to Carter. The knife motor operates on 115 volts and a 20-amp circuit. A new motor position lock has been added for belt tension setting and stability. The controls were redesigned for efficiency and increased safety. A new stand and guide system were also added to enhance convenience and ease of use.

The 209 sells for about $2,300 and comes with the company's seven-year warranty. It will be available by December.

"The philosophy we have here is we manufacture every machine as though the customer who purchases it is going to run the machine every day, all day, using all of the applications. We're very strict on quality control and that's why we put a seven-year warranty on them.

"We have many machines built in the '60s and '70s still out in the field. Our molders are built to go the distance," says Carter.

Contact: Williams & Hussey Machine Co. Inc., 70 Powers St., Milford, NH 03055. Tel: 800-258-1380.

This article originally appeared in the November 2009 issue.

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