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Williams & Hussey adds Profile Pressure Guide


Williams & Hussey has a new accessory, the Profile Pressure Guide, which has been designed to keep roller pressure on high- and low-profile cuts to reduce chatter and tear out.

The guide eliminates the chance of the deep-cut end of the profile picking up while running stock, according to Steve Carter, president of Williams & Hussey Machine Co., based in Amherst, N.H.

“There are certain types of molding, such as Windsor casings, that have deep high and low variations in the profile,” says Carter. “The problem with that is when it comes through on the outfeed of the molding machine, the roller is looking to grab something to hold the piece of wood down on the table so that it can cut it. When there’s only a little bit of material for it to grab, the stock wants to pick up in the machine and the cutter will end up tearing that piece of the profile. So, you have to hold that piece of wood down when it goes through.”


Carter says many customers have expressed interest in this type of product after having tried fabricating their own solutions.

The guide can accommodate stock widths up to 6-1/2”. Buyers get two guides; one to apply proper roller pressure on the infeed side, and one for the outfeed side. The two guides sell for $138.

Williams & Hussey is also offering a Variable Feed Kit, item No. VF-104-K, to add variable speed capability to its model 154CE constant feed molder. The kit, which can vary the infeed roller speed from 0-19 fpm, is designed to fit on older W&H models, also including the W7, W7PF, W7S, Original and 154 molders. The kit with a single-phase control, 6’ extension cord and control mounting bracket sells for $790.

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This article originally appeared in the April 2019 issue.

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