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Vitap adds more features to Point K2 work center


Atlantic Machinery Corp., the exclusive importer and distributor of Vitap machinery in North America, announces a new version of the Vitap Point K2 work center with extended machining capabilities, constant clamping control, and an automatic tool changer.

The original Point K2 machine was designed as a compact CNC for the smaller shop with limited space. The Point K2 2.0 retains a small foot print, approximately 7’ x 6’, and is available with a 920mm (36”) or 1250mm (49”) entry width. The larger width will accommodate a 4’ x 8’ panel, while the feedthrough system allows for unlimited material lengths.

Atlantic Machinery president Riccardo Azzoni says the Point K2 2.0 is distinguished from competing models in several ways. For example, it comes with a four-position tool changer and the programming can be done either at the machine or downloaded from a computer.

The machine allows end-users to quickly and efficiently perform a variety of cutting, drilling horizontally and vertically, grooving, milling, and routing operations. Using Vitap’s software for bar nesting, each section is first cut to size, then the Point K2 can drill that section’s four sides and groove, rout, and drill the face of the piece before releasing it to the operator, making it ready to be assembled into a finished product.

“This is a major plus for this kind of machine because on a conventional CNC machine the horizontal drilling is very limited. There is only one position where you can drill horizontally, and it’s very slow because the drill head has to be moved from one end of the panel to the other.

“On this machine it’s very quick because you have the part moving as well as the drill head moving at the same time in opposite directions, so you can optimize the speed of the machine and do it much quicker while achieving the ability to drill horizontally on all four sides,” says Azzoni.

All processes can be achieved without the need to reset the parts hold-down systems, due to the patented Constant Contact Clamping System.

“This is another big plus because when you only have one clamp as some competing models do, the part can’t move until the clamp has released and repositioned, otherwise the part is going to move,” Azzoni adds. “With two clamps constantly moving and gripping the part, this problem is resolved.

Additionally, no vacuum pump is required because machining is done from underneath the workpiece while the part is clamped on top.

The Point K2 sells for $80,000 to $95,000 depending on size, options and features. Accessories include front and back roller supports.

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This article originally appeared in the November 2019 issue.

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