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Ventless transforms spray booth technology


The Ventless Corp. of Toronto introduced a downdraft open face spray booth that cleans and circulates its own air about two years ago. The design will vie for a Challenger’s Award at this summer’s IWF in Atlanta.

Ventless spray booths feature four stages of filtration that are designed to capture all particulates, including VOCs, and return clean air to the booth in a downdraft format. This patented process conserves energy by eliminating the need for makeup air, according to company president Jean Naim.

“Most shops are heated in the winter or cooled in the summer. This booth does not mess with the shop air. It keeps its own air. If you have a heated or cooled shop, you are conserving those dollars,” says Naim.

“Our booths also produce 90 percent fewer emissions than a conventional spray booth. That’s great for the environment. It’s a fact we have supported by research and documentation”.

Additionally, a curtain of air blocks dust from entering the booth while in operation.

“It’s also dust free because it’s an open-faced downdraft design. Normally, a downdraft booth costs a lot of money, but as an open face it’s got downdraft built into it. What that means for spray finishing is amazing finishes that are virtually dust free, eliminating any downtime for redoing work.”

Small booths start at around $14,000.

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This article originally appeared in the July 2018 issue.

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