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Updated WoodRat can do, hold much more

Latest version enables operator to fit more accessories as well as keep the router more stable and secure


The WoodRat was introduced about 20 years ago as a dovetail jig, and its capabilities were expanded to produce a long list of other joints. The latest version of the WoodRat, model WR900, features a new channel design with extra T-slots to fit accessories scales, cursors, digital measuring devices and stops.

"We have refined the WoodRat in response to customer feedback. It's more accurate, more versatile, easier to use, and features some of the finest engineering of any woodworking tool," says inventor Martin Godfrey.

The WoodRat, which is basically an upside down router table, is 3' long and attaches to a wall. It controls the router, which can move back and forth across the wood, and the wood, which is clamped into a sliding bar and can be moved left or right through the cutter.

"Our most recent development has been on how to work on wood held flat under the plate. This means putting both work and holding mechanisms in the cutting zone — in the line of fire. Anything heavy caused the older [model] WR5 bar to distort forward. We solved this by filling and supporting the sliding bar runners, but holding pieces horizontal without fouling the cutters was a problem," says Godfrey.

The problem was solved with the new MR4 mortise rail accessory, a U-channel that fits directly to the sliding bar and holds the wood for grooving and mortising operations.

WoodRat also offers a PlungeBar accessory, a two- or three-bar lever system that controls a plunge router's depth of cut.

The WR900 sells for $749. The MR4 mortise rail ($239) and PlungeBar ($30) are sold separately.

Contact: WoodRat. Tel: 866-254-9260.

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