Uneeda’s Ekasilk Plus abrasive fits the profile

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Uneeda introduces Ekasilk Plus, a line of abrasive sponges for orbital sanders that can reach difficult areas and stand up to plenty of use, according to the company.

“The laminated and flexible abrasive layer is unique in its genre. It won’t tear and bends with your workpiece. It offers a cooler sanding experience as it won’t load as quickly as other similar products or conventional sandpaper,” says Uneeda’s marketing manager, Alain Boppart.

“Plus, the foam (backer) gives extra height providing additional flexibility on contours and will match the exact shape of the profile.”

Ekasilk Plus comes in 3” x 4” and 3-2/3” x 7” pads, as well as 3”, 5” and 6” discs in five different grades - Coarse, Medium, Fine, Very Fine and Superfine – and 5mm, 10mm and 1/2” thicknesses.

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