Tricoya panels resistant to insects and fungus

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Accsys Group introduced a cutting-edge MDF panel product, Tricoya, at the AWFS fair. Tricoya is made from wood fibers that have gone through a modification process called acetylation, similar to the company’s sister product, Accoya wood, which alters the cell structure for a more dimensionally stable product.

Tricoya panels are an unrecognizable food source for insects and prevent fungal decay, making them ideal for exterior and wet area applications. They carry a 50-year above ground and 25-year in-ground warranty, according to spokeswoman Laura Keily.

“At the AWFS, we spoke to a lot of cabinetmakers who said they don’t do exterior work because they haven’t found a material that can actually perform outside,” Keily says.

“So we explained we have a new product and many of them starting thinking about how they could extend their business and change their range and now bring new products to the market that people don’t request because they think it’s not available.”

For example, Tricoya can be used for architectural details, window components, outdoor furniture, treehouses and bathrooms.

Tricoya panels are available from distributors throughout North America. For more, visit

This article originally appeared in the September 2017 issue.

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