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‘Tornado’ nut brings dust collection under control

Proper dust control is a challenge for many shops, particularly those with CNC routers. The problem is usually capturing the dust at the source, where the bit meets the material.

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GDP/Guhdo, a manufacturer of CNC tooling, offers an aftermarket solution, the Tornado Dust Evacuation Nut that replaces the collet chuck nut on many CNC machines. The Tornado creates an upward draft to help direct the dust into a collection system and away from the tool and material.

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Product manager Victoria Griffioen says the Tornado is ideal for all types of CNC shops, but especially for those machining MDF, compressed woods and other dense materials that are more abrasive on solid carbide bits.

“This is designed for nested- and pod-router operations,” Griffioen says. “What happens when you’re doing cuts on very abrasive material is that bit has run faster and puts a bunch of dust in the air, reducing air quality in the shop. The upward-type suction from this product directs that amount of dust directly into the vacuum system, which also reduces friction on the bit and increases that bit’s life.”

The Tornado is available in several variations to replace clamping nuts on ER25, ER32, ER40 and RDO35 collet chucks. The company will recommend a specific model based on the customer’s particular needs.

For information, call GDP/Guhdo at 800-544-8436 or visit

This article originally appeared in the February 2016 issue.

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