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Thermwood Cabinetshop 43 CNC Router System

THERMWOOD CABINETSHOP 43 CNC ROUTER SYSTEM is designed for nested-based applications and features a 61" x 121" fixed table, 10-hp HSD spindle (3,000-24,000 rpm) and an 11-position automatic tool changer.

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The new system includes full stress-relieved weldments, high-end Siemens servo-drives, THK rails, and 3-D volumetric-position compensation. The system also includes Thermwood's Gen2 SuperControl, which is designed for products ranging from simple cabinets to the most sophisticated science project. The Gen2 SuperControl also executes standard G-Code programs developed elsewhere. Contact: Thermwood Corp., P.O. Box 436, Dale, IN 47523. Tel: 812-937-4476.

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