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Techno rolls out HD series with custom front end option

Techno Inc. has introduced the HD Series of CNC routers as an affordable precision cutting system for custom woodworkers and ideal for general fabrication and processing of sheet goods.

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The new machines feature an industrial Osai controller with high-powered AC servo motors and drives that provide smooth, powerful, fast and accurate motion, according to the company. Sales manager Roy Valentine says the routers run on a PC-based system that enables the company to customize each machine to meet any production shop’s needs.

“The custom front end is what gives you flexibility. If you’re just using a standard, stand-alone controller, it takes a lot of skill set to operate them. We can plug into this machine through the Internet and look at your system from our main office,” says Valentine.

“We just sold a machine to a customer whose shop crew did not really understand the functioning of a CNC — they just basically wanted to push buttons. So we put a custom front end on it that had basically three buttons that allowed them to load a program and everything else was done behind the scenes.”

The routers are available with 4’ x 8’ and larger tables. They also feature a 12-hp HSD high-frequency automatic tool changer spindle with an eight-position tool rack, multi-zone vacuum T-slot table combination and material pop-up location pins.

Techno also offers the LC Series of CNC routers. Valentine says the machine bases for both lines will now be manufactured in China to pass savings on to customers.

“We’re not sacrificing quality. We’re still using precision components, such as THK rails and bearings. The CNC controller is the Techno propriety controller that has the typical, very easy-to-use front end on it and, of course, we have our spectacular support program, which is free tech support and application assistance for the life of the machine.”

The price of a fully-loaded 4’ x 8’ machine with automatic tool changer sells for $48,700. A 5’ x 10’ version sells for $50,700.

Contact: Techno Inc. Tel: 800-819-3366.

This article originally appeared in the October 2012 issue.

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