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T12 fixed-spindle shaper making U.S. debut

Martin has unveiled its model T12 fixed-spindle shaper, a machine that contains many of the features of the company’s larger T27 shaper and its T60 sliding table saw.

Introduced at the Nuremburg Fensterbau show in Germany in April and at Xylexpo in Milan, Italy in May, the T12 will make its U.S. debut in August at IWF in Atlanta.

“The machine is quite similar to its big brother; the footprint is a little bit smaller,” says Carl Stout, president of Martin-USA. “If you actually look at the machine, you don’t notice that much of a difference of the size compared to the T27. Similar features include an overhead touch-screen controller, solid-cast top and a newly redesigned fence that has a bilateral guiding system with a repeatable accuracy of up to .001".”

The machine is only offered in a fixed-spindle model [the T27 is available as a tilting shaper]. However, an inverter drive — to infinitely vary the spindle’s speed — is available as an option on the T12. 

T12 fixed-spindle shaper

It features a touch-screen, icon-based controller. Up to 500 tools with the potential of 100 profiles can be entered into the system. Once a specific tool is entered, the operator can recall it, and then the machine recognizes its calibration.

“With the basic version, you’re going to get the motorized height of the spindle. However, your fence will be linked to the controller whether or not you buy the more upgraded motorized version or your standard version with the crank handle. It will still be linked to the controller,” says Stout.

Additional accessories can be added so that the “cutting depth” (fence) and the “cut” (infeed jaw) can be integrated into the controller as well. These two additional axes can be added to the base machine, providing the operator with a number of custom options.

“Besides the original Martin SK-40 Dornfix quick-change spindle system, Martin also offers the T12 with HSK tool holders,” Stout says. “An HSK 63F tool on a shaper can drastically cut down on the machining time for work pieces requiring a long traverse time, thereby freeing up a customer’s CNC center. The Weinig PowerLock HSK 85 tool can augment a Powermatic molder for short runs.

“I think the majority of the customers are going to be looking at the larger T27 when they’re looking at an HSK-type setup. The T12 is more for your standard cabinetmaker that is looking for a really high-quality, entry-level machine. The T12 is for making cabinet doors; you can also do lineal molding on it. It would not take much to put this thing in full production.”

The T12 is powered by a 7.5-hp motor, has a stroke of 5" and rotational speeds of 3,600, 5,400, 7,200, 9,600, and 12,000 rpm.

In Europe, the German-made machine is being touted as the only shaper in its price class that has a touch-screen controller and other features normally found on larger machines only, adds Stout.

“Another thing that makes the T12 like its bigger brother is that we have the composite frame,” Stout says. “Martin starts off with a heavy 6 mm thick plate steel-constructed frame and fills it with a concrete composite material. It’s reported to have six-times the vibration damping properties than cast iron. That design is also incorporated into the T12.” 

The basic machine is priced at $19,995 without options.

Contact: Martin Woodworking Machines Corp., 8107-M Arrowridge Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28273. Tel: 866-525-3963.

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