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SuperBar and MasterPlate tools

SUPERBAR AND MASTERPLATE TOOLS from Forrest Mfg. are for tuning, aligning and calibrating table saws for maximum saw blade performance.

The SuperBar has a precision dial indicator and the aluminum MasterPlate helps woodworkers quickly tune a table saw within thousandths of an inch, according to the company. Together, the tools align the saw blade and the fence parallel to the miter slot. They also square the miter gauge to the saw blade and check runout on the arbor shaft. They can also be used to check runout on routers, drill presses, shapers and other equipment. The SuperBar ($69) fits all standard 3/4" and 3/8" miter slots. The MasterPlate ($49) has 5/8" and 1" mounting holes. They can be purchased as a set for $108. Contact: Forrest Mfg. Tel: 800-733-7111.

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