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Striebig 4D provides screen-to-machine processing


Striebig’s new 4D vertical panel saw, recently introduced to the North American market and available from Colonial Saw, can be tailored to a shop’s needs with options such as a panel raising/lower device, panel optimization program, programmable panel feeder, label printer, and more.

The saw, powered by a 7.5-hp, 220-volt, 3-phase motor, operates in manual or automatic (CNC) modes. In CNC mode, the operator simply programs the functions on the 12” color touchscreen and the saw does the rest.

“It brings us into the world of screen-to-machine processing where you can make a cut list and cut plan in an office then send it to the machine where the operator can pull it up and walk right through the whole process,” says Striebig product manager Dave Bull.

Programmable lifting and pushing devices are popular options for those using CNC mode. They can reduce labor by suspending material as needed to create fully cut parts on all sides rather than having to take down and reload parts for further processing, according to Bull.

“The lifter and pusher make it so the machine can process parts in such a way that the operator doesn’t have to or seldom has to reintroduce parts back onto the saw for a finished cut.”

With pneumatic assistance, the unit plunges automatically into the panel with a 300 mm (11-7/8”) HFG (hollow face) carbide saw blade. Feed speeds can be adjusted between 10 and 25 m/min.

Other features include a TRK dust extraction system, a freely selectable saw cycle, panel end recognition, constant return speed of the saw unit, operating time counter and DMS digital measuring system.

Pricing starts at $100,000.

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This article originally appeared in the August 2019 issue.

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