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SonicAire sends the dust down

The SonicAire Pro 200, a 2-hp model.

The SonicAire Pro 200, a 2-hp model.

SonicAire carries a range of fans that prevent combustible dust from settling in a shop’s overhead spaces and other hard-to-reach areas.

SonicAire fans continuously reduce fugitive dust accumulation using high-velocity airflow to create an overhead barrier. BarrierAire technology controls the flow of the dust and forces it to the floor by preventing upward currents, according to the company.

“Our fans rotate 360 degrees and oscillate up and down 120 degrees, so they create a barrier of air that keeps that dust from coming up into the overhead surfaces and settling,” says Betsie McKenna, the marketing administrator at SonicAire.

“When dust rises, our fans also help the particles agglomerate, a fancy term for where the dust particles are moving quickly as they start to rise and will stick together. When they do that, they become heavier and fall to the ground and can be easily swept up or drawn into a dust collection system.”

For typical manufacturing environments, the company recommends the Pro Series, comprised of 1- and 2-hp models. Larger fans are available in the Extreme Series.

SonicAire has sales and engineering teams than can create customized plans and help with model selection. For more, visit

This article was originally published in the May 2022 issue.

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