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SATAjet features Spray Mix technology


SATA, a coating technology manufacturer, introduces the updated SATAjet K1800 Spray Mix, an air-assist airless spray gun designed for easy application of high-pressure coatings. With its Spray Mix technology, water- and solvent-based material is applied at high pressure, creating a pre-formed airless spray fan that uses compressed air to increase atomization for a finer finish, according to the company.

“The new SATAjet K 1800 Spray Mix is twenty percent lighter than its predecessor and with a much more ergonomic handle, making it super comfortable and resulting in less fatigue for the user,” says Mike Beecher, industrial manager for Dan-Am Co., the exclusive distributor of SATA products in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

“With the fine atomization from its wide range of tips available and the adjustability of the fan size, the SATAjet K 1800 Spray Mix is perfectly suited for the cabinet/wood finishing industry. From pre-cat and post-cat lacquer to conversion varnish, the SATAjet K 1800 Spray Mix handles them with ease. Optional swivel connections for both the fluid and air hoses makes for easier handling of the gun throughout the spraying process.”

The spray gun also features a finely tuned nozzle range for high area output, single-axis trigger with low trigger force, and has a pressure range of 500-3,625 psi, according to the company.

The SATAjet K 1800 Spray Mix is available in three versions - models 1091454, 1090076, and 1068023. For pricing and more product information, visit  

This article was originally published in the June 2022 issue.

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