RSA’s Production Coach software streamlines shop management

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Production Coach, a new manufacturing software program from RSA Solutions, can greatly reduce the hassle of shop management without the need for physical files, according to the company.

The program works by connecting both the office and factory to real-time data. It provides a 360-degree view of a manufacturing factory that allows the front-end to keep a detailed watch of processes such as CAD/CAM importing, through planning, sorting, tracking, automated machine feedback, part alerts, kitting and shipping.

Roger Shaw, chairman and founder of RSA Solutions, says the program will boost efficiency by saving time and money in the manufacturing process. Benefits include cost savings in labor for tasks like material sorting, increased production capacity with better use of floor space, reduction of costly shipping mistakes, and more.

“Production Coach allows manufacturers to make better decisions with their data. And, because it’s modular in nature, you can do as little or as much as you want with it,” says Shaw.

RSA’s Production Coach software won a Challenger’s Award at IWF 2018.

RSA’s Production Coach software won a Challenger’s Award at IWF 2018.

“We have five-man shops using it and 200-man shops using it. Everyone that needs to stay organized and efficient can benefit from this ‘coach’. Also, it links to ERP systems which saves companies a great deal of time and frustration.”

Shaw adds that the program can be implemented in a matter of days, versus competing products that can take several weeks or months.

“This takes one week to get up and running. We use the engineering data versus building new data. This makes it very reasonable to expect a one-week start to finish ramp up,” he says.

The software investment is around $15,000 for a starter turnkey package, which includes on-site installation and support, according to the company.

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