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Ritter debuts pair of pocket cutters

Model R2063.

Model R2063.

Ritter Machinery has added two new low-angle pocket cutting machine models to its lineup, the R2061 and R2063. The machines compliment the company’s existing counterbore machines by offering router bit-based pocket cutters that cut a single pocket hole for cabinet face frame assembly.

“The Ritter R2061 and R2063 differ from our traditional counterbore pocket machines, in that they utilize a router bit for doing the cutting, and not a drill bit. The new design offers a lower angle for screw insertion, and a cleaner cut,” says national sales manager Ed Strahota.

The R2061 is a single-phase machine using a router motor for the main cutting tool. It has a 7/8-hp motor that reaches 31,000 rpm and requires air input of 2 cfm at 80-100 psi. The R2063 is three-phase and carries a 2-hp spindle motor that reaches 24,000 rpm and requires an air input of 5.5 cfm at 80-100 psi.

“One of the main advantages of the R2061 is the price point. Priced at $4,290, it reduces the cost of a pocket cutter for the smaller shop that doesn’t need a multiple-shift machine. However, if you’re looking for something more industrial, the R2063 utilizes a spindle motor and air drill versus the router motor and electric drill of the R2061. With a stronger motor, and the additional controls to run the R2063, the price steps up to $5,990. Both machines round out our offering of pocket cutters.”

Standard features on each machine include a 6-degree low angle, PLC controlled cycle, foot pedal operation, adjustable material stops, and material thickness capacity up to 2”.

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This article was originally published in the April 2021 issue.

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