Raymond adds two new Soft-Starters

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Raymond’s aftermarket Soft-Starters provide a more gradual startup for high-torque motors.

Raymond’s aftermarket Soft-Starters provide a more gradual startup for high-torque motors.

Raymond Innovations, a manufacturer of single-phase, plug-and-play aftermarket Soft-Starters, has recently introduced two new models for 120-volt applications, the C10 and GS10.

The models are designed to provide a more gradual startup to high-torque, motor-driven devices, providing up to a 98 percent reduction of inrush current. In addition to increasing workshop comfort and safety, they can help extend the life of equipment and stop nuisance breaker tripping, according to the company.

Product inventor and company president Will Hansen is a hobbyist woodworker who really wanted to improve on these issues, and first developed the original Soft-Starter model A10 in 2016.

“It’s the AC motor starting that causes a large inrush current surge that can cause problems like overloaded circuitry and light dimming. How it all started was I didn’t like the uncomfortable feeling of the equipment starting out with a bang and the mechanical and electrical stress that can be caused by that. I knew there just had to be a better way,” says Hansen.

The C10 Soft-Starter uses a varying resistor to absorb the surge and a new forced air-cooling system to dissipate the heat. The model sells for $49.99.

“There are some limitations with (the C10) because of the cool down requirement. There is a frequency of use limitation depending on how you are going to use it and what you are going to use it with. It might not be adequate to start every single time. For example, with the frequent use of a miter saw when you’re doing back to back cuts. This requires a little time to cool down,” says Hansen.

The GS10 sells for $94.99 and features a software-controlled ramping sequence.

For more, visit www.thesoftstarter.com

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