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Portapro cordless glue gun

PORTAPRO CORDLESS GLUE GUN, from Master Appliance, is a butane-powered hot-melt glue gun for use in woodworking, automotive, electronic, industrial and packaging applications. The gun reaches a working temperature in less than four minutes and operates up to 392 degrees. It contains a 200-watt heater that delivers up to 1.9 lbs. of glue per hour and is capable of running continuously for up to 140 minutes on butane gas, according to the manufacturer. Features include a safety lock on the fuel-flow control wheel to prevent unintentional gas flow, instant cutoff of glue flow, a built-in folding stand and fuel level window. The cordless glue gun, model GG-100, comes standard with a general-purpose brass application nozzle, four 1/2" x 6" glue sticks and sells for $46.45. A kit with four brass tips, eight glue sticks and a storage case costs $62.55. The 5-1/8 oz. Master Ultratane butane canister is priced at $4.50. Contact: Master Appliance Corp. Tel: 800-558-9413.

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This article originally appeared in the February 2009 issue.

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