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Ovvo adds hidden connector for particleboard


Ovvo Technology introduces the model V-1230 hidden connector, specifically designed for use with high-grade particleboard.

Available in both permanent and releasable versions, the V-1230 works with high-grade chipboard of 15, 16 and 18mm thickness, as well as high-pressure laminates, composite material and solid woods, according to the company.

“The unique selling point is the tool-less assembly and the fact that it is totally invisible,” says Ovvo marketing director Brendan Phillips. “It’s designed for cabinets, closets and flatpack furniture.”

Ovvo currently offers three connection products, including the original model 1240 and V-0930

“The V-0930 was launched at Interzum last year where it won the ‘best of best’ award at the show. It was developed for 1/2” board thicknesses,” Phillips explains. “The new V-1230 builds on the award-winning properties of the V-0930 and was developed for 5/8” and 3/4” board thicknesses.”

Ovvo’s connectors can be fully integrated with CNC manufacturing processes. The company also offers a hand-held milling tool, model AB181, developed with Virutex.

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This article originally appeared in the March 2018 issue.

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