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Oneida debuts Smart Boost for better airflow


Oneida Air Systems introduced Smart Boost Technology for two of its Dust Gorilla Pro dust collector models at the 2017 AWFS fair.

Smart Boost automatically boosts motor performance when needed, enabling up to twice the airflow through the dust collection system for optimum performance, according to the company. It monitors the system for any suction loss and automatically adjusts the fan motor’s speed to compensate, delivering higher air volume for a wide range of tools and a maximum static pressure of 24”, nearly three times higher than that of standard systems.

“Many times, woodworkers equate a dust collector’s horsepower as the key indicator of its performance, but Smart Boost is a game-changer in that regard,” company owner Robert Witter says.

“Unlike traditional dust collectors with fixed performance ranges, the Smart Boost-equipped systems in our line sense any resistance in the system, such as what you’d typically experience when using tools with small 2.5” to 4” ports or long ducting runs, and adjust the motor speed to compensate. The result is up to twice the airflow through the system, which ultimately means more dust collected at the tool. That’s the ultimate measure of a dust collector’s performance and what’s most important to the user.”

The company currently offers Smart Boost as an option, but anticipates incorporating the technology as a standard feature, according to product manager Jeff Hill.

“It’s one thing to emphasize three times the static pressure on paper, but at the AWFS show, people got to see, feel and hear the machine speed up when gates were changed. It’s got three times the static pressure with the Smart Boost and, in lots of cases, three times as much CFM and is three times stronger and twice as clean. People really liked that,” Hill says.

Hill adds that the technology is well-suited for CNC applications where long lengths of flex hose and mixed dust port sizes are common and high-static pressures are essential for maintaining a clean cutterhead.

Smart Boost is available on the 3-hp and 5-hp Dust Gorilla Pro models, available at introductory prices of $2,494 and $2,794, respectively, for a limited time.

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This article originally appeared in the September 2017 issue.

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