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Northtech’s iDovetail is operator friendly

The iDovetail can create a 3D rendering of the profile to be cut.

The iDovetail can create a 3D rendering of the profile to be cut.


The iDovetail from Northtech Machine is a compact 3-axis CNC machine with eight profile modes to produce standard, fixed pitch and mitered dovetails, plus mortise and tenon joinery.

But don’t be intimidated. It’s ease of use is one of its best features, according to the company.

“The controls are step-by-step and minimized to just the steps the operator has to do. The machine literally shows you mistakes and prevents them from being made,” says company president Brandon Koetter.

“Once a profile has been designed it shows you a 3D rendering that you can spin on any axis just as if you were holding the part. This allows you to see unfavorable offsets. It turns the drawer bottom red if it will be seen from the outside. It can automatically move all fences and it even checks to make sure you remembered to [install] the correct bit for the profile before the cycle starts.”

Working parts are enclosed, so it looks similar an office copy machine.

“Some dovetailers out there skimp out on looks and you can see all the internal workings. We found that new operators are more nervous and slower when they can see everything,” Koetter adds.

There are two models. The NT-iDovetail24, with a working width of 24”, and the NT-iDovetail36.

The iDovetail won a Visionary Award at the 2021 AWFS Fair. Pricing starts at $52,900.

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This article was originally published in the October 2021 issue.

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