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New fixed-base router from Bora Tool


Bora Tool has added a fixed-base router, featuring a 3.25-hp soft-start motor, electronic speed control, cast-aluminum base and more.

“We’ve sold the motor for quite a while, and it’s been successful and put into router tables,” says product manager Rod Bonham. “This is our first complete hand-held router, so we used the existing router motor and designed a base. I think for the industrial or high-end woodworker, the fixed base gives you more control over your depth setting and know that it’s right.

The tool is ideal for batch work and repeat applications such as edge work and other free-hand tasks, working with a wide variety of woods, according to Bonham.

“Those router bits get larger in diameter, so you need the horsepower to spin that up and to have control of that,” he adds. “This is where the router really shines in that heavy duty application.”

The Bora fixed-base router retails for $429 with two collets and two polycarbonate sub-bases.

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This article was originally published in the April 2022 issue.

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New fixed base router from Bora Tool

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