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New CNC’s Talent T3 now AL/UL compatible


The Talent T3 CNC Router from New CNC is an industrial-grade, panel-processing machine geared for cabinetry production, furniture making and more. Available with a 4’ x 8’ (model 408) or 6’ x 12’ (612) table, the machine is fully loaded with innovative components that offer end-users efficiency and flexibility at an affordable price, according to the company.

The T3 features optional auto load and unload (AL/UL) attachments. Company president Doug Huizenga says for about $15,000, end-users dealing with labor shortage issues or who otherwise want to focus on one-person operation can benefit from these add-ons.

“The T3 can be purchased as a stand-alone CNC router but it’s preconfigured to put the AL/UL on it so our customers can add it at a later date if they don’t purchase it initially,” says Huizenga.

The 3-axis machine is also configured with Delta servo motors and a 12-hp main spindle, capable of 18,000 rpm. The automatic tool changer has a 12-position traveling carousel with servo positioning and there’s a nine-spindle independently controlled drill block, according to the company.

“The carousel tool changer is a ride along. We have chip to chip times of about eight seconds from the time you initiate a tool change to the time it’s picked up. The drill block saves about 50 seconds per nested sheet,” says Huizenga.

The company’s Clean Sweep technology automatically engages between panel processes. The table features automatic twin vacuum manifolds for cleaning. There is a single vacuum pump on model 408 and two vacuum pumps on the 612. A 6” diameter outlet is available for dust extraction.

The Talent T3 480 starts at $52,780. The AL/UL upgrade brings the cost to $67,780. Model 612 starts at $62,780.

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This article originally appeared in the December 2019 issue.

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