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Monarch makes it easier to make panel systems

Monarch Metal Fabrication offers the Easy Panel System to hang panels and signs without visible fasteners.

Company president Chris Smith says the product allows woodworkers to fabricate mountable panel systems entirely on their own.

“This product was introduced six months ago and we think there’s nothing like it on the market right now. The only alternative a woodworker has is if they don’t want someone else to fabricate the panels is to cobble together some extrusions from a local distributor such as a T-bar, flat-bar or angle piece and countersink them. The only systems available out there are from companies who want to sell it with the panel,” Smith says.

The mounting system is designed for ease of use, Smith says. After the panel is secured, the edge trim is simply tapped in place with a hammer. The company offers four edge trim options: narrow, recessed, narrow channel and wide channel. The system is compatible with 3/8” and 3/4” panels.

“We’ve also worked with 3M to make this product compatible with 3M’s dual-locked product. What that allows you to do is if there’s no clearance above the panel to install a top edge piece, the user can install the edge trim and just press the panel right on without lifting the trim,” Smith says.

Pricing can be discussed with a company representative.

Contact: Monarch Metal Fabrication. Tel: 631-750-3000.

This article originally appeared in the November 2014 issue.

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