Miter Saw Protractor


STARRETT PROSITE 505P-7 MITER SAW PROTRACTOR is the latest tool in the company's 505 miter saw protractor series.

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The tool is designed for use by finish carpenters, builders and other tradesmen who require measuring and transferring of angles. The 505P-7 is constructed from durable engineered plastic and eliminates calculations, reduces errors and provides greater accuracy for miter cuts, according to the company The easy-to-read dial scales are laser-engraved and the tool is designed to withstand demanding job-site environments. For mitering or making single-butt joint cuts, the user simply adjusts the tool legs to the work surfaces, reads the angle on the dial face and sets the miter saw to the reading. The Starrett 505P-7 miter saw protractor retails for $24.99. Contact: L.S. Starrett Co. Tel: 800-541-8887.

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