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Microvellum software makes 3-D modeling easier

Microvellum’s new Solid Model Analyzer software gives shops the flexibility to process 3-D models from almost any solid modeling application.

Microvellum's new software processes 3-D models into CNC-ready output.

“Our Solid Model Analyzer module, available in our Toolbox application, allows users to analyze the 3-D solids exported in a standard DWG file from Solid Works, Inventor, Rhino, SketchUp Pro or other solid modeling application,” product manager Clay Swayze says. “The Feature Recognition Technology examines all part geometry, machining operations, hardware, rotation of parts, part materials, etc., and within about 2 seconds, creates a CNC-ready, Microvellum product.”

Automatic features include feature and part-size recognition, part-size recognition, machining instructions, cutlist creation and generation of DXF files.

“With Microvellum’s Solid Analyzer, you don’t have to waste time recreating geometry. Simply use the tool to analyze the 3-D model and, a few seconds later, you have a Microvellum product that is ready to be manufactured utilizing Microvellum’s manufacturing and optimization engine,” Swayze says.

“The major significant benefits are accuracy and time. Manufacturers can trust that the parts analyzed will be exactly the same as the solid model and users can drastically reduce the amount of time required to send custom products to the shop for manufacturing.”

The analyzer is an add-on module only for Microvellum’s AutoCAD-based Toolbox v2014 software.

Contact: Microvellum. Tel: 800-204-0913.

This article originally appeared in the December 2014 issue.

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