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Micro Fence plunge base provides pinpoint precision

Micro Fence introduced its new Plunge Base at IWF 2012 in Atlanta, intended for precise routing and cutting operations with a high-speed rotary tool. Company president Rich Welder showed attendees how the base worked using a Dremel 8200 cordless 12-volt model.

The new Plunge Base from Micro Fence is designed for use with high-speed rotary tools.

Weighing about three pounds, the tool features a 4” diameter base and is a miniature version of the company’s larger Micro Fence. The small jig barely leaves a footprint on the workbench, but offers great precision for close-tolerance jobs like installing hinges, fine detailing, inlay work, guitar building and small routing requirements.

“The advantage of this tool is that it has an adjustable dial for you to measure in thousandths of an inch, so you basically have a milling machine that gives you a measurement like no other. There isn’t anything in the industry that can do this,” says Welder.

It is compatible with the company’s original edge guide, circle jig and all other Micro Fence accessories. It can be made to accept a number of different high-speed rotary tools and pencil die grinders.

“The plunge base itself controls depth of cut. Once you add our circle jig to it or our edge guide, then you have horizontal control as well.”

The company has also added a variety of end mills and 1/8” shank cutting tools as well as extended-shank types to its offerings.

The Micro Plunge Base sells for $349.

Contact: Micro Fence. Tel: 800-480-6427.

This article originally appeared in the October 2012 issue.

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