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Merlin Technology adds pinless moisture meters

Merlin’s HM9 (left) and EVO pinless moisture meters.

Merlin’s HM9 (left) and EVO pinless moisture meters.

Merlin Technology, a supplier of humidification systems and measuring instruments, offers a wide selection on pinless moisture meters within its HM9 and EVO series.

“Merlin moisture meters are easy to use, give you a fast, accurate reading, and help you save time and money,” says product manager Bianca Berer.

“On all our wood moisture meters you can select 21 dry density settings (preprogrammed wood species), ranging from 10.92 lbs/ft³ to 67.11 lbs/ft³ (175 kg/m³ to 1,075 kg/m³). All of our meters are temperature compensated and have a self-calibration function to give you the most accurate reading for a very long time.”

There are specific models recommended for veneer, flooring, furniture, sawmills, and flooring producers.

Features in both series include a sturdy housing, display lighting, calibration function, and menu with language selection. Additional benefits of the EVO series include temperature display, a hold function of the measured value, and “fast evaluation” of the wood moisture content (dry, optimal, moist and wet), according to the company.

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This article was originally published in the October 2021 issue.

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