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Martin adds Barth Corvus vacuum press line

Martin Woodworking Machines is the exclusive North American distributor of the Corvus vacuum press VPL Series, a new machinery group from the Germany-based Barth brand.

“A rubber membrane press such as the Barth Corvus is the modern solution to traditional American vacuum bags,” says Martin president Carl Stout.

“Dragging large, heavy workpieces in and out of a vacuum bag carries with it material alignment problems and many other issues that affect a customer’s bottom line. [With Corvus] pressing times with a specialized white glue can be brought down to under ten minutes, relieving expensive bottlenecks in the production process.”

Stout adds that the Corvus machines are ideal for small- to medium-sized shops.

“Veneer seems to be the biggest attraction for these presses. We have a customer down in Gainesville (Fla.) that bought one for conference tables and has branched out to make many more products,” he says.

The Corvus vacuum presses are available in three sizes with rubber or silicone membranes. They feature a control panel that’s slightly tilted towards the operator, making it easier to read the pressure switch display. Casters are standard.

Extraction time is reduced with a 100-liter tank that serves as a buffer so the vacuum pump does not have to be operated continuously. This reduces the noise level and saves energy. A connection port for additional applications, such as an external vacuum bag, is also available as a standard option, according to the manufacturer.

Accessories include a speed-up option for shorter pressing times and a cover plate that protects the membrane from sunlight and serves as a work surface when the machine is not in use.

The Barth Corvus vacuum presses start at $19,000.

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This article originally appeared in the October 2017 issue.

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