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Maksiwa’s CBC Flex takes a different tack


Maksiwa introduces the CBC Flex for bonding edge tapes to straight and concave or convex curved pieces.

Suitable for mobile or stationary use, the contour edgebander works with tapes from 0.3mm (1/64”) to 1mm (5/16”). It weighs just 21 lbs. to reduce operator fatigue, according to the company.

Dan St. Germain, vice president of sales for Maksiwa, says the CBC Flex stands out from the competition.

“Our glue goes on the substrate first, versus others on the banding first. When glue is applied to the substrate first there is less concern with damaging the banding. Glue is applied where it is needed, reducing waste and preventing trim bits from becoming gummed up. The Flex is a more efficient method of banding on a contour version,” says St. Germain.

The CBC Flex applies the glue to the substrate.

The CBC Flex applies the glue to the substrate.

The Flex uses low temperature (130 to 170 C) pellet glue. “When you use a banding process that allows for glue pellets versus a pre-glued system, the banding color options are limitless. Species and color options are very limited for pre-glued banding,” adds St. Germain.

The machine takes about 15 minutes to warm up. It has a digital temperature control and variable feed speed.

The CBC Flex sells for $1,699 as a bare tool. A kit version, priced at $1,799, includes hardware for stationary use.

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This article originally appeared in the July 2019 issue.

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