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Makita miter saw has larger cutting capacity

Makita introduced a new 10” sliding compound miter saw, model LS1018, designed to deliver a large cutting capacity and improved accuracy, according to the company.

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Product manager Joe Soto says the goal was to create a saw that’s simple to use.

“This versatile saw provides smooth and accurate cutting in a full range of materials, from fine hardwoods to rough lumber, softwoods, case and base, crown molding and other wood materials,” he says.

The saw offers a direct-drive 13-amp motor with a soft-start feature. “This provides for smoother startups and constant power with no belts to slip or replace,” says Soto. “There’s also an electric brake for added convenience.

The saw can make a 12” crosscut at 90 degrees and 8-1/2” crosscut at 45 degrees, according to Makita. The saw is sold with a 40-tooth, carbide-tipped blade.

Additional features include a see-through blade guard, rubber handle with an especially large trigger and top-mounted carrying handle. The saw weighs just under 44 lbs.

It sells for $399.

Contact: Makita Power Tools. Tel: 800-462-5482.

This article originally appeared in the July 2014 issue.

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