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Latest Alphacam release  has productivity improvements


Vero Software’s recent release of Alphacam R1 design software includes significant automation and nesting updates to handle a wide range of architectural millwork and casework applications, according to the company.

Product manager Hector Henry says one of the standard advantages of Alphacam software is that it’s compatible with any type of CNC machine that has an open format.

“We have unique productivity tools that make us a leading class product in our environment and we also have the ability to control any type of CNC. With any company that has mixed requirements for production, we have a key advantage. We only ask customers to learn one interface and we can generate a control code for multiple machines,” says Henry.

Automation Manager, the software’s primary functionality feature, has been updated to enhance the management of parts that should be manufactured in groups for better efficiency, according to Henry.

“We added the ability for the end-user to process assembly products. This is accomplished by having what’s called a parent-child relationship between the assembly file and the subcomponents of that file,” she says using software industry terms.

“So, for example, if you’re making doors or windows, cabinets, or anything that has several pieces getting cuts out of the machine, now you can conveniently have a ‘parent’ product that you modify the parameters on, and that trickles down to all the ‘children’, as opposed to having to think about and deal with the individual parameters of the individual being. It’s a productivity enhancement.”

Drawings and fittings can now be added to specified datum points. When processing a job, the fittings will automatically be inserted at a pre-defined position, and can also be used in parametric drawings. Alphacam R1 contains a small sample library of fitting types.

There is also a new option in Automation Manager to avoid machine table collisions, with the ability to check Z levels on toolpaths.

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This article originally appeared in the February 2018 issue.

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