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Lamello adds new Cabineo 8 M6 connector

The connector fits into a routed pocket.

The connector fits into a routed pocket.

Lamello introduces the 8 M6 connector, an addition to the Cabineo line of connectors, that uses a metal helical insert or can be fastened directly into a tapped hole in metal furniture or fixture components. The solution is faster and more efficient than standard cam and dowel or wooden dowel fittings, according to the manufacturer.

“The Cabineo family of connectors is an outstanding solution for cabinet shops and manufacturers using nested-based CNC routers,” says Chris Hofmann, Lamello product manager for Colonial Saw, a partner of the manufacturer. “The toolpath may be quickly machined with a standard 3/8” or 1/2” router bit without a tool change. The Cabineo connectors are simply tapped into the routed pocket and then join cabinet components together by screwing into a mating 5mm shelf pin hole with nearly 200 pounds of clamping force.

“Since the connectors eliminate the need for edge drilling, machining happens solely on the surface of the material, making Cabineo ideal for use with a variety of CNC machines. Cabineo connectors may be covered with aesthetic cover caps, or parts may be inverted to allow for a completely invisible application.”

The connectors cost about $0.35 each and are sold in boxes of 500 and 2,000.

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This article was originally published in the November 2020 issue.

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