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Laguna Tools rolls out SmartShop LD4 CNC

Laguna Tools offers the new SmartShop LD4 automatic boring and insert CNC machine, designed specifically for cabinet manufacturers using Lockdowel fasteners.

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The LD4 has four zones that can be configured for panel sizes up to 96” and two drilling units; one for 5mm and one for 8mm. It can insert 30mm or 44mm spring pins and Lock Dowel E-clips, H-clips or channel locks.

“The whole point of using the Lockdowel system is to have a strong sturdy connection which is hidden and this will give you that with a simple, fast and smooth assembly process with no tools. Some of the in-house tests we’ve done using Lockdowel systems have shown it reduces assembly time by 80 percent,” Laguna sales director Steve Alvarez says.

“Cabinet manufacturers can flat-pack the panels for assembly on site, rather than ship the cabinets preassembled. This saves shipping costs and helps prevent damage in the shipping process.”

The LD4 features a welded tubular steel frame, two 2-hp spindles, four pneumatic hold-down clamps, 3-axis Windows PC controller and barcode scanner. It has a footprint of 45” x 135” x 82” and weighs about 6,000 lbs.

The LD4 sells for around $59,000.

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This article originally appeared in the April 2017 issue.

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