Laguna Dust Separator is an extra large

Laguna Tools’ new DS 16 Dust Separator features a 16-gallon capacity, giving it almost twice the volume of competing models, according to the company.

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The Dust Separator helps a shop vacuum perform at its peak by reducing clogged filters and motor strain. “This product expands the capacity of a woodworker’s current vacuum,” Laguna sales manager Ben Helshoj says. “When you use a regular small-shop vacuum the dust clumps up in the filter, which makes it inefficient. When you have a DS 16, most of the dust ends up in the canister and it’s much easier to empty.

“It basically doubles the capacity of other models in the market, which is huge. Most of the others out there are only five to eight gallons.”

The Dust Seperator measures 26” tall and 17” in diameter. It’s mounted on wheels to move around the shop and has a window to show if the canister needs to be emptied.

The DS 16 retails for $125. 

Contact: Laguna Tools. Tel: 800-234-1976. www.lagunatools.com

This article originally appeared in the April 2014 issue.

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