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Kreg system offers easy mitered beading

Kreg Tool Co. recently introduced its new Precision Beaded Face-Frame System and a corresponding line of router bits. The system is a multipart jig that attaches to a router table. It was designed for professionals looking to save time and as an alternative to the tedious process of making beaded face-frames with a router and table saw. It's also a less expensive option than purchasing an automated notching system, says the company.

Kreg offers an alternative way of producing mitered beading in a face frame with its new Precision Beaded Face-Frame System.

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"This system is ideal for use on any project involving a beaded face-frame look, such as a cabinet or built-in bookshelf," says Scott Schaaf, Kreg's director of marketing.

"For many years, the only alternative to using a table saw to make your beading was to purchase a large, expensive, single-purpose machine. Because of the expense and size constraints, this technique was generally limited to professional cabinetmakers and cabinet shops with large budgets."

While designed specifically for Kreg's router tables, the jig can be adapted to fit almost any full-size router table, says Schaaf.

The kit includes a sliding fence and a notching bit used to plow out the mitered section of the stile material. After moving the fence's stop, the rails get notched with the same bit. The final steps are to add the beading and join with pocket screws or whatever joinery method is preferred.

The kit sells for about $500 and includes the sliding fence, two carbide-tip bits with a 1/2" shank, a sliding base mechanism, swing stop, clamp, setup bar and an instructional DVD. Additional bits in various profiles sell for $35 to $60.

A product video is available at www.

Contact: Kreg Tool Co., 201 Campus Dr., Huxley, IA 50124. Tel: 800-447-8638.

This article originally appeared in the January 2010 issue.

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