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Innergy upgrades with Site Manager app

With Site Manager, installers can track job progress (top) and view shop drawings.

With Site Manager, installers can track job progress (top) and view shop drawings.

Innergy, a provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for custom woodworking and millwork shops, has recently added Site Manager as an upgrade to its platform.

Developed as a downloadable app for tablets and smartphones of existing Innergy customers, the new resource will help end-users better manage and control the installation aspects of a jobsite.

“Site Manager is designed to track issues and problems that happen in our industry. As custom woodworkers, installation tends to be one of the larger problems that we face because there are so many elements that are out of our control. There’s the schedule from the general contractor or customer, and there are other trades that come in, and typically we’re one of the last trades at the jobsite. This program can help them get a little power back,” says Cole Eklund, a customer success advocate for Innergy.


With Site Manager, installers can take photos of jobsite conditions, track notes and tasks, and oversee timing of other trades room by room, as well as view shop drawings and make annotations in the field as needed. All of this information can be communicated in real time with the office, according to Eklund.

Site Manager fees are based on a company’s install crew size and included as part of its existing Innergy ERP package.

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This article was originally published in the February 2022 issue.

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