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Hoffmann offers two Mobil edgebanding press options

Hoffmann Machine Co. debuted the Mobil edgebanding press at the 2013 AWFS fair in Las Vegas for attaching solid-wood edges to MDF, particleboard, plywood and other panels.

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The machine is available in two models: the 8’ Mobil 2500 with two pneumatic clamping stations and 10’ Mobil 3000 with three clamping stations.

Each machine has two heating elements that are used in combination with standard PVA glue-on strips up to 2” thick and 4” tall.

“One heating element offers preheating to warm up the solid-wood strip and the other heats the strip from the other side to set regular PVA glue in just a few minutes, which allows for a very strong bond and thin glue line,” Hoffmann USA general manager Markus Hueber says. “You don’t need to use bar clamps to hold it in place and you don’t need a catalyst or hardener in the glue.”

The press also features an adjustable stop to set precise mitered joints. Hueber notes that mitered strips are extremely difficult to align manually. “If you put bar clamps on a mitered edge you need to be extra careful because if the edge just slips by a hair, you’re too long or short on the miter corner,” he says. “This feature prevents that.”

The machine runs on a 230-volt single-phase motor and requires an air supply to operate the cylinders for clamping. The press also has built-in castors for roll-away storage.

“A lot of times the edgebanding is just a small part of a big building project like shelving, so once that’s done, this machine can be moved quickly out of the way,” adds Heuber.

The Mobil 2500 and 3000 sells for $16,120 and $20,580, respectively.

Contact: Hoffmann Machine. Tel: 828-430-4510.

This article originally appeared in the November 2013 issue.

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