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Handibot increases cut capacity with Large Sheet Tool


ShopBot Tools introduces the Large Sheet Tool for its Handibot portable CNC machine, featuring a rigid frame that clamps onto large pieces of material up to 24” wide.

“It allows you to execute large projects with a series of accurate cuts, quickly sliding the Handibot down the length of your material,” explains product manager Brian Owens.

“On most CNC tools there is a bed on which you place your material where cutting happens. With the Handibot there is no bed. The tool has an open bottom, so you put it anywhere you want and cut through the bottom of the tool.”

The Large Sheet Tool is optimized for tiling, the process of creating a project in small batches to be joined together at completion.

“When you’re tiling, you’re completing a large cut in multiple chunks and you move the tool around between each cut. If you have a table design laid out on a 4’x8’ sheet of plywood, you would just complete each tile individually with the Handibot, moving it by 6” each time until you’ve finished the whole table cutout,” says Owens.

New hardware features on the Large Sheet Tool include a variety of simple fence options to cut long lumber, wide-open surfaces and sheet goods; a built-in clear hood to help reduce noise, capture sawdust and keep hands safe, and wheels for portability.

The Handibot is compatible with most design software programs. It has a built-in fabrication and motion control system, called FabMo, allowing the end-user to create anywhere through a Wi-Fi-enabled device. For traditional CAD to CAM workflow, the company provides access to VCarvePro ShopBot Edition and Autodesk Fusion360.

The Large Sheet Tool sells for $3,995 with a DeWalt router, a collection of LMT Onsrud bits, and CAD/CAM software. Optional accessories include a touch-screen control panel and engraving bit kit.

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This article originally appeared in the March 2018 issue.

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