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Grizzly rolls out new industrial panel saw

Grizzly Industrial introduced a 14” sliding table saw, model G0772, as its premium industrial panel saw for cabinet manufacturing facilities.

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“This saw is really nice for cutting sheet goods, such as plywood, MDF and melamine because it’s much easier to make highly accurate cuts,” product manager Todd Ransom says. “Cutting a full-size piece of plywood on a regular table saw is a chore and you’re likely not going to get accurate cuts. With this, you can set it up on the sliding table, clamp it down and slide the table right through the cut. You can also stack pieces up to 4-1/8”.”

The saw is an updated version of Grizzly’s model G0501, according to Ransom. It has a more modern look and updated features to improve shop efficiency, such as electronic controls for blade speed, blade tilt, height adjustment and scoring blade adjustment. There is also a digital readout display for blade speed and blade tilt.

“The blade guard has been improved greatly. It now has dust collection at the top of it. So there is dust collection underneath the saw with a blade shroud with a 5” dust port, and also a blade guard above the saw with a 3” dust port,” says Ransom.

“The blade guard slides on and off for users to switch between one of the two guards that now come standard with it. One is a narrow version for regular 90-degree cuts and the other is oversized to one side for making angled cuts. The guard also now features a push-stick holder right on top of it.”

The main 14” blade has a tilt of 0 to 45 degrees and a speed of up to 6,000 rpm. The maximum depth of cut is 4” at 90 degrees and 2-3/4” at 45 degrees. The machine also accepts 12” blades.

The 10-hp saw, which requires 3-phase power, offers a rip capacity of 52-1/2” and can cut sheets as large as 126” x 126”. It has an extruded aluminum crosscut and miter fence with flip stops for making repeat cuts. The rip fence can also be used as a stop and can be positioned on the opposite side of the sliding table.

The G0772 sells for $10,950.

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This article originally appeared in the August 2016 issue.

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