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Grizzly adds a pair of jobsite saws


Grizzly Industrial has two new portable table saws, models GO870 and GO869, featuring a variable-speed motor.

“For years we’ve seen an increased popularity in the jobsite table saws, particularly in the ones with the stands you can fold up. If you’re installing flooring, baseboards or any kind of project like that in a house you can just bring the saw right to the jobsite, make your cuts and keep going. Having the ability to do that is huge,” says product manager Todd Ransom.

Ransom says woodworkers will appreciate the new saw’s ability to maintain a consistent cutting speed due to its motor technology.

“To me, the biggest feature on this saw is a circuit board on the motor that electronically manages the motor speed, So, if you cut into hardwood or thicker wood where another saw this size may bog down, this saw senses that slow down and it adds more power to the keep the blade speed consistent,” says Ransom.

Both models feature a 2-hp, 120-volt, single-phase, variable-speed motor. They also feature a flip-down attachment on the fence for ripping stock narrower than 1” with the blade guard installed.

Both models come with a 10”, 40-tooth carbide-tipped saw blade, riving knife, blade guard with spreader, T-slot miter gauge, push stick, and integrated accessory storage.

Model GO869 weighs 65 lbs. and sells for $300.

Model GO870 weighs 95 lbs. with a folding roller stand and sells for $365.

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