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Grex cordless nailer goes light on batteries

Grex has a new 18-gauge cordless brad nailer, powered partly by two AAA batteries.

The new Grex 18-gauge cordless nailer.

“The batteries really shocked everyone because no cordless tool that’s of significance uses just two AAA batteries,” Grex product manager Raymond Wong says.

“It was really important for us to do that because we’re not a cordless tool company by any traditional sense. We’re not trying to force the customer to be tied to another battery platform because they probably already have their system from another company. That’s why we decided to go this route.”

The batteries ignite the fuel from a gas cylinder, which in turn “shoots” the nail from the tool.

Grex says the tool is similar in weight and just as powerful as the company’s pneumatic model. But, of course, there’s no need for an air hose or a compressor.

The gas cylinder will fire about 1,300 nails. The cartridges are sold “without an expiration date,” thus requiring a less expensive canister, and with a “non-odor” fuel, according to Wong.

The gas cylinders for the new Grex 18-gauge cordless nailer.

“The tool is [mostly] all metal for better durability and heat dissipation,” Wong says. “It features a safety nose with a no-mar tip, as well as an anti-dry-fire lock-out feature. The power adjustment mechanism reduces wear allowing for power to be controlled as needed, such as when working with softer wood or shorter nails. For easy maintenance, the tool has a self-lubricating piston ring and cylinder as well as easy driver replacement.”

The Grex cordless 18-guage nailer, model GC1850, sells for $499.

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This article originally appeared in the April 2016 issue.

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