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Festool dust extractor features auto start

Festool debuted its new CT 48 dust extractor, an extension of the company’s Clean Technology line, in October. It has the largest capacity in the CT line at 12.7 gallons, but can easily be moved around the shop or job site, according to Festool spokesman Rick Bush.

Festool's CT 48 dust extractor.

“One of the significant features of the CT 48 is the auto start, which is tool-triggered, so when you have a tool plugged into it and you turn the tool on, the vacuum will come on automatically. It saves a step in the process and, also, you don’t have it running constantly, which slows the efficiency of the system,” says Bush.

Festool rates the suction of the CT 48 at a maximum of 137 cfm. “Where that becomes important is where you’re working with a circular saw or router, you want as much suction as you can get to capture the large chips or higher volume of dust produced,” says Bush.

But the user can also “dial down” the suction force when using a small sander, for example. “The finer dust won’t require [maximum] suction force,” Bush explains. “In fact, too much suction force is bad because it will pull the sander tight to the surface, making it difficult to move, which will affect the finish quality of your work.”

Festool says the CT 48 has an antistatic design that prevents the hose from clogging, static discharge and dust settling on any part of the vacuum.

There’s also a self-cleaning filter bag that captures dust and debris before finer dust reaches the HEPA filter. This eliminates dust “cake” and ensures full suction, even as the filter reaches full capacity, according to the company.

The CT 48 sells for about $650.

Contact: Festool USA, 400 North Enterprise Blvd., Lebanon, IN 46052. Tel: 888-337-8600.

This article originally appeared in the November 2011 issue.

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