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Festool debuts cordless plunge-cut track saw

Festool introduced the first cordless plunge-cut track saw, model TSC 55, featuring the manufacturer’s brushless EC-TEC motor and dual battery concept.

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“Festool has taken its [corded] TSC 55 track saw and made a cordless version without sacrificing any of the benefits,” product manager Rick Bush says. “It is dual voltage, meaning it can run on one or two 18-volt batteries. It provides the same splinter-free cuts with a scribe line that goes to the cut line every time.”

“With both of them, the first cut is the finished cut but now we’re doing it without the cord. The cordless version accepts all of the TSC 55 accessories, blades and all.”

The tool is compatible with all 15- and 18-volt lithium-ion battery packs from Festool in any combination. The general idea behind the two-battery system is one battery can be removed to reduce the tool’s weight, and the second battery added for maximum performance.

“One of the things we wanted to make sure this saw had was the same performance as a normal corded saw, so with the two batteries, we were able to achieve the same rate of speed of up to 5,200 RPM, the same result as with the corded version,” Busch says.

The company says the saw has a no-load speed range of 2,650 to 5,200 RPM with two 18-volt batteries, and up to 3,800 RPM with one 18-volt battery.

The saw uses a 6-1/4” blade and offers a bevel range of 1-47 degrees. It weighs about 10 lbs. with one battery and about 11.7 lbs. with two batteries, according to Festool.

Bush adds that while most cordless circular saws are made to replace general-purpose models, Festool’s is made to replace a track saw for the benefits of guiderail guidance. There are six different blades offered for the saw, including two for cutting aluminum and plastics. Guide rails are available in seven standard sizes, ranging from 32” to 197”.

The saw sells for $465 by itself. It goes for $725 with two batteries and a charger. Adding a 55” guide rail brings the total to $825.

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This article originally appeared in the July 2015 issue.

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